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Which tog rating for which season ?

Tog ratings tell you how warm a duvet will be and the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be.

Please don't underestimate the importance of the right bedding for the time of year. The correct weight duvet will keep you at just the right temperature so you'll enjoy deep, restorative sleep every night. If you are too hot or too cold in bed then your sleep will be disturbed and you won't wake up ready to face the day. Our duvets come in a wide range of tog ratings so you can choose one to suit your sleep and comfort needs.

Tog ratings are based on the duvet's ability to trap warm air. Natural duvets have better thermal properties than hollowfibre or synthetic duvets and therefore need less filling to be able to achieve the same level of warmth.

Our natural duvets also have a box or cassette construction and our hollowfibre duvets have a channel construction. This means that our duvets have been specially sewn in our Lancashire mill and they have even squares or channels which keep the fillings evenly distributed and prevents any slippage of the fillings. This means our duvets don't end up all lumpy and uneven on your bed.

  • Lightweight Summer duvet 4.5 tog
  • Warm Spring/Autumn duvet 9 – 10.5 tog
  • Toasty Winter duvet 13.5 – 15 tog


Want All Seasons flexibility ?

Our All Seasons duvets offer great flexibility. They consist of two separate duvets – a lightweight 4.5 tog for summer and a warmer 9 tog for spring and autumn. During winter, you simply put the two duvets together for a toasty 13.5 tog duvet.

2 partners and 2 different duvet requirements ?

If you and your partner can't agree on the right tog rating for your duvet and perhaps one of you feels the cold more than the other, our Cool and Cosy duvets may be the answer. Our mill in Lancashire makes duvets with a different tog rating in each half, so you can both sleep comfortably. We have 2 Cool and Cosy options

  • 10.5 tog plus 13.5 tog for autumn and winter
  • 4.5 tog plus 10.5 tog for spring and summer


Children's Duvets

Babies under 12 months

Duvets and pillows are not suitable for children under 12 months old, as there is a risk of overheating and suffocation. A room temperature of 18°C is recommended by many health professionals for a baby's room.

Children under 10 years

When it comes to choosing a duvet for children over the age of one, unless their bedroom is very cold, it's best to buy a lighter weight duvet of between 4 and 9 tog. This is because as children are smaller, their bodies trap more air and this makes them much warmer than an adult would be under the same duvet. Their first duvet should be our lightest 4 tog cot bed duvet and as they get bigger you may find they need a warmer 4.5, 6 or 10.5 tog duvet. A heavier 13.5 tog duvet may prove uncomfortable and is not recommended.

Children over 10 years

Older children may like our 10.5 tog duvet. But the best way to help your child be comfortable and regulate their temperature, is to choose a lower tog duvet for them and then leave a blanket or a throw folded across the bottom of the bed. That way they can easily pull it up for extra warmth when they feel they need it.

  • Cot bed duvet 4 tog
  • Kids duvets 4.5, 6 and 10.5 tog